Overwatch 2 players still unhappy with ranked: “Nothing seems like a fair fight”

Brianna Reeves
overwatch 2 ranked

An Overwatch 2 player deranking after only one loss has sparked discussion about the community’s disappointment in the ranked system.

OW2’s ranked system has remained a topic of discussion since the FPS launched late last year. The system revolves around a player’s Skill Rating, which is originally assigned after a player completes their Placement Matches.

From that point forward, the game determines a user’s rank based on their wins and losses in competitive matches. It seems simple enough, yet many believe the system still plays host to issues that make the experience unfair.

Matchmaking often gets the brunt of criticism from dedicated players. However, not many are happy about the math behind the rank placements, either.

Overwatch 2 users reiterate how the ranked system is “terrible”

Redditor mymsoup2 recently shared a gameplay clip demonstrating “why the current ranked system is terrible” in OW2.

The video shows the player getting deranked, going from Platinum 4 to Platinum 5 despite having five wins and a single loss.

Replies in the thread show that other players have run into the same issue, where one less after a good streak of wins sets them back a rank.

Meanwhile, others claim that similar or better results constantly land them in the same rank with no improvement. “Man, I’ve been placed four times, and all four times were the same rank, I can’t get better or worse apparently lol,” one person wrote. “I can’t rank past bronze 5 dps no matter how well I play,” came another reply.

Of course, players continue to express frustrations with Overwatch 2’s matchmaking, as well. Someone said of the matchmaking system, “Another problem is the matchmaking no matter how much people here try to deny it, it’s broken af.”

In response to the ongoing matchmaking concerns, another player added: “Every game is either you get stomped on, or your stomp the enemy team. Nothing really seems like a fair fight.”

Unfortunately for some, it seems Blizzard currently has no plans to further overhaul the ranked system in Overwatch 2.