Overwatch 2 pro accidentally kills his own team in outrageous misplay

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2 pro kills team

An Overwatch Contenders player left viewers in stitches after a horrific misplay where he accidentally eliminated his own team.

Korean Overwatch Contenders players are among the best in the world and often even rival OWL teams with their skills, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to human mistakes.

During a recent match between FM and Duck, the teams opened up on Lijiang Tower, a map that definitely favors the use of a Symmetra, even if for just a brief moment to gain an advantage.

At first, Duck was able to get control of the point and the Symmetra player, Sierra, even secured a pick onto the enemy Tracer to open the fight up, but mere moments after, disaster struck.

Pro Overwatch 2 player sends his own team off the map

Although FM was able to fight back with two kills of their own, Duck looked to collapse onto the Hanzo nemesis by Teleporting behind him.

Normally, having a Reinhardt and a Baptiste right behind you would certainly result in your death, but in this case, the Teleporter was positioned way too close to the tower’s edge.

(segment begins at 3:17:30)

Hilariously, right when the two took the Teleporter, they found themselves falling off the map to their doom, forcing Sierra to jump off the side and reset with the rest of the Contenders team.

“Griefing? Sierra, griefing?” the commentators joked as they watched the botch unfold.

Amazingly, on the very next play, Sp1nt was able to Pulse Bomb all of Duck as they went through another Teleporter leading to an incredible 4K.

tracer 4k pulse bomb
The Teleporter was thwarted by a Tracer Pulse Bomb 4K in the next play.

Despite the blunders, Duck was able to win the round on Lijiang, but ended up losing the map overall 2-1. They would go on to be swept 3-0

To be fair to Sierra, the Rein and Baptiste were hit with an Ana Biotic grenade and had a Brigitte hitting her mace in their faces right when they took the Tele, so they may have died soon after anyway.

Regardless, it just goes to show that pros are human too and can end up making some pretty bad mistakes just like players in the metal ranks of Bronze, Silver, and Gold do all the time.

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