Overwatch 2’s Pride event content will be blocked for some players

pharah pride eventBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s upcoming Pride content won’t be available for players in certain countries and others can choose not to participate in the event.

Pride is finally coming to the Overwatch 2 universe in the form of a special event featuring map makeovers, cosmetics and other goodies.

However, while the Overwatch 2 team is proud of the event they cooked up, not everyone will have access to the content when it goes live, but for a good reason.

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During an interview with Dexerto, the Overwatch 2 devs revealed methods to protect players in countries with anti-LGBT laws from participating in the Pride event on June 1.

Overwatch 2 Pride event blocked in certain countries

According Senior Game Producer Brandy Stiles, all Overwatch 2 Pride content will be “opt-in” to give players the choice to express themselves or not.

“We have tech in place to limit this content from going out to countries that have laws that aren’t tolerant of LGBT content,” she added. “This helps us protect those players.”

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overwatch 2 pride eventBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2’s Pride content won’t be available for everyone.

Furthermore, players in countries that are not LGBT-friendly won’t be able to even opt-in for the Pride event due to laws in place in those countries where such content isn’t accepted.

“Our values are to protect players,” Aaron Keller added. “We want to protect players around the world. You can equip a cosmetic in one country and travel to somewhere else with different rules and get in trouble. So we feel like it’s our responsibility to help protect people like that and follow the laws in countries that we operate in.”

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As of this writing, the developers have not provided a list of the countries where the content will not be allowed.

In any case, players eager to celebrate Pride in the OW2 universe will soon get their chance to when the event kicks off on June 1.

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