Overwatch 2 players worried Brigitte’s rework could ruin the game, again

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The Brigitte buffs proposed for Season 4 of Overwatch 2 give the support hero significantly more power during her ultimate Rally, and for some players, it’s reminding them of one of the worst metas from Overwatch 1.

After her dominance in Overwatch 1 and the development of the GOATS meta, Brigitte has been reduced to a niche support pick in Overwatch 2, with other heroes being able to out-heal and out-damage her at most ranks. However, she remained a soild pick for those who knew when and how to use her.

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But now, it looks like Blizzard wants to give Brigitte more staying power during her ultimate, because the new Rally drastically increases her shield size, gives her a bunch more armor, and, most controversially, brings back her stun on shield bash.

Overwatch 2 veterans are worried by Brigitte’s rework

Unsurprisingly, the veterans of the Overwatch community were immediately reminded of Brigitte on release, an addition that was widely associated with a dip in Overwatch 1’s popularity.

The most controversial change was definitly the return of the stun on Brig’s shield bash, which can now interrupt Rein shield, D.Va ultimate, and any other channeling abilities.

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Top 500 player and Overwatch streamer Flats immediately pointed out that the changes made Brigitte almost as tanky as Reinhardt, harking back to release Brig, who could outswing a Rein while Rally was active.

“They actually made Brig better than Reinhardt. What the f*ck are you doing?”

Top player KarQ also had a skeptical reaction about Brig’s “gigabuff”, saying: “What is this, 2018? This is crazy.”

“Brig was already good. I actually see her being the top support now. Good luck everyone.”

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Other players predicted that the changes would be rolled back quickly, and the buffs were just brought in to change the support meta.

One player on the Overwatch subreddit said: “Brig is back in a spot where she can carry damage, healing and blocked all at once.

“The change is a nice mixup but completly unwarranted and frankly makes the ult utterly overloaded.”

Another said: “Blizzard implied this ult would give her more counterplay and more damage. This looks like the complete opposite.

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“No one asked for Brig to ult into Rein and it’s ridiculous the “animation” that delayed the ult being changed for two seasons was literally just a recolored Rein shield.”

With Season 4 fast approaching, it looks like Blizzard want to shake up the support meta, and with the addition of Lifeweaver alongside these Brig changes, we could be looking at very different team comps coming in the new update.

For a complete rundown of all the Brigitte changes, check out our guide here, and to read about Overwatch 2’s latest support, we’ve also got that covered.

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