Overwatch 2 players call for massive nerf to “unfair” Widowmaker


Overwatch 2 fans have been calling for a nerf to Widowmaker as they believe she is “unfair” right now, and some even want to copy Call of Duty. 

The release of Overwatch 2 has certainly shaken up the long-standing character meta that Overwatch fans had become accustomed to – especially with the addition of two new characters. 

Kiriko and Junker Queen, the two newest characters, are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to pick rates in OW2, with the former being in the top two. Some longer-standing characters have also fallen by the wayside too, including Widowmaker, as she’s now a comfortably middle-of-the-road pick.

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The French assassin has always been a staple in overwatch thanks to her powerful sniper and ability to get out of dodge with a grappling hook. While she’s not as strong as she was in the original title, some players are still hoping her power is toned down a bit further.

Overwatch 2 players call for nerf to Widowmaker’s sniper

In one specific suggestion, Redditor HardVegetable requested that Blizzard follow Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2 by giving away the position of Widowmaker’s sniper whenever she’s zoomed in. 

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“Widow should have a laser sight when scoped,” they said, with a quick clip on how it’d work as well. The suggestion got the backing of many Overwatch fans, with some adding that it’s a nifty idea. 

“I’d be 100% ok with this… it would add a level of terror and more excitement,” said one player. “Sniper glint like in many other FPS’,” added another. “Getting one shoted by Widow is not that easy but still unfair. She can still have that skill not, but at least there is more counter play,” added another player who was “100%” behind the idea. 

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Some players naturally disagreed, claiming that Widowmaker nerfs aren’t quite what the game needs right now. “A laser dot like sniper has in TF2, could work. But a laser line while scoped is ridiculous,” said one. “It would make Widow more annoying to play as, but nothing changes when playing against,” added another. 

As some noted, there is a tracer alerting the player to Widow’s first shot just after she’s taken it, but who knows if Blizzard will ever take things up a notch with a permanent alert.

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