Overwatch 2 players suggest hilarious April Fool’s Day trolls Blizzard should add

winston cut scene in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 could celebrate April Fool’s Day in 2023, and to expedite the process, players have devised several ideas to make the day even more fun.

Blizzard most definitely have a sense of humor and this is apparent through their 2019 Overwatch Reinhardt jape, as well as 2021’s insane, experimental buff update.

Overwatch 2 is in its first year as a brand-new title, so it seems more likely that some kind of comic caper will be employed by the company to celebrate this.

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To join in on the fun and maybe even give the devs some inspiration, Overwatch 2 players have conjured some amazing ideas that could be used to mess with the player base.

Overwatch 2 April Fool’s Day ideas teased by players

The root of these Overwatch 2 April Fool’s Day pranks comes courtesy of an Overwatch 2 subreddit post titled: “For April Fools Day, it would be hilarious for Blizzard to add fall damage to Overwatch quick play and say nothing about it.”

Elaborating further, the OP added: “Winston leaps…. and just dies. ‘We felt that we wanted to add a layer of realism that the community has been asking for.'”

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This would certainly represent a seismic, albeit temporary, change in Overwatch 2 and would drastically influence how games played out during the course of the day. One player amusingly gave the visual of “Pharah getting hacked in the sky.”

Another player’s idea was to tinker with Ana’s Nano Boost and make it completely ineffectual: “I kind of want Ana’s Nano Boost to be a placebo for April Fools. All of the visual and audio effects, but no boosts.”

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Whereas another Overwatch 2 user thought it would be hilarious to simply turn friendly fire on: “I’ve always thought turning on friendly fire (maybe at 50% or 25% damage) would be hilarious for April Fools.”

Already, there are plenty of ways here that the devs could mess with players. But Blizzard might be busy addressing several areas of the game, including significant Mercy changes and Play of the Game alterations, so we’ll have to see if they have time for novelty updates.

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