Overwatch 2 is revamping Play of the Game and player progression systems

overwatch 2 potg changes in developmentBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 devs have announced plans to revamp its POTG system, as well as ways to make player progression more rewarding.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, players have been eagerly awaiting news on updated versions on systems from the first game- and it turns out the devs have some big changes in store.

In a new blog post, Game Director Aaron Keller explained how the team believes players want to be rewarded more for playing the game and seeing their progress.

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As such, the devs have some cool new things in the works that should help spice up the current Overwatch 2 offerings.

POTG system rework coming to Overwatch 2

Reworks seem to finally be coming to Overwatch 2’s iconic Play of the Game in a future update planned to launch later.

According to Keller, in addition to rebuilding the On Fire system with the new engine, the team wants to make the Play of the Game feature show a “show a greater variety of game-making plays.”

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anime doomfist grabs tracerBlizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch 2 devs are revamping the POTG system.

The iconic Overwatch POTG system highlights a moment during a match that had a large impact, such as a multi-kill or a ton of healing. It’s not clear what the devs have planned per se, but they could even be trying to showcase more than just one big play with this change.

Keller went on to add that the devs were working on a “larger Hero and player progression system” that should be coming later this year.

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“This new system replaces the old player level system, while expanding on it to offer a bunch of categories for players to level and show off your progress to others,” he said.

With Season 4 just a couple of weeks away, it seems like there will be plenty of content for Overwatch players to look forward to in 2023 and beyond.

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