Overwatch 2 players call Mercy buff “obnoxious” amid rework plans from devs

Mercy in Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players are criticizing Mercy’s buff as “unfun” and “obnoxious” amid plans from the devs to rework the Hero.

Mercy has seen her fair share in the current meta ever since her buff in February. When her healing is paired with other main healing supports such as Ana, she is almost unstoppable when helping the team tank deal heavy damage to the enemy team. 

Her buffs and nerfs were already a topic of debate throughout Season 3. She initially received a nerf at the start of Season 3 lowering her pick rate, only to get a considerable buff in the mid-season patch

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The buff included increased healing to allys under 50 per cent health, and additional self-healing. Despite not sounding like much, with movement being slightly nerfed, when paired with a Ana biotic nade which further increases healing, it’s extremely strong.

Overwatch 2 fans frustrated by Mercy buff within the game

And once again, the topic of her mid-season buff being too powerful has cropped up once again, this time in a Reddit thread. 

A user complained about how much of a hard counter Mercy is against Winston. Pointing out that Winston pretty much has no way to kill a flying Mercy. Most importantly, how his bubble shield does not stop a Mercy healing beam from going through. 

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Winston’s bubble shield can be a powerful tool as it completely block healing for any Hero that dares to enter it. Thus, putting them in a bubble with Winston. Ever since Mercy’s buffs, Winston has had a hard time killing opponents being pocketed by Mercy.

The thread opened up further comments on how hard Mercy’s buffed heals can counter certain ults in the game. Such as Genji, Tracer and Reaper. And when paired with Ana’s nade, it can counter a plethora of DPS hitscan ults. 

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overwatch 2 mercy guardian angelActivision Blizzard
Despite movement nerfs, Mercy’s healing buffs has proven to be incredibly powerful

A commenter made an observation, saying, “sadly you have to rely on your team to eliminate Mercy, and we know how bad matchmaking is right now so it’s hard to rely on anyone.”

But the devs have teased yet another rework for the Hero for the upcoming Season 4. Stating that they have been steadily buffing support survivability, but they believe they may have “overcorrected” and changes will be made to Mercy’s Guardian Angel.

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Time will tell how the devs manage to fix Mercy in the next rework.

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