Overwatch 2 players question the balance team after Zenyatta Discord orb nerfs

Liam Ho
Overwatch 2 Zenyatta Takoyaki Skin

Overwatch 2 players have questioned the balance team at Blizzard after recent the recent Zenyatta Discord orb nerfs sparked outrage.

Overwatch 2 has a lot of moving parts. Whether it be the layout of the map, many different team compositions, or just heroes and their abilities, the game can vary wildly from match to match. This makes it particularly challenging from a design standpoint, where even the smallest of changes could have a drastic outcome on the state of the game. Therefore, the balancing team at Blizzard needs to carefully analyze the game before releasing balance patches.

With that being said, the game has had problematic patches in the past. Certain patches have ended up being so bad that much of the player base has taken to social media and the forums to complain about it. One problematic meta during the original Overwatch has been said to of killed the game for many players.

Overwatch 2 has also not gone without its fair share of balancing issues. Many of them stemmed from growing issues as the game changed from its original 6v6 format. Losing a tank in Overwatch 2 was a huge change for the game, and shifted how the game played. Without another tank in the front line helping soak up damage, the remaining tank ended up being far more squishy and would easily fall prey to Zenyatta’s discord orb. Blizzard has endeavored to fix this issue, but to no avail according to the players.

Overwatch 2 players disappointed by recent Zenyatta changes

Players have discussed the recent changes to Zenyatta’s discord orb, many of whom are not too pleased with the recent update. The nerfs, which reduced the range and wear-off time of Discord orb were welcomed by the community but were clearly not enough in their eyes.

“These nerfs are akin to the Hanzo nerfs. They will hardly affect Zen’s relevance,” one commenter stated.

“Yeah, these don’t affect anything people complained about. Nobody is considering ducking into cover for 2s to cleanse Discord – just so it can be reapplied the second you reappear – a viable counter to Discord. So reducing it by .5s does nothing at all,” another agreed.

Some users have even pointed out that the range nerf means tanks will suffer more, as they’re often the ones in the now reduced range.

byu/BiggestMontoya from discussion

It’s uncertain what Blizzard has in the cards for Zenyatta but with Discord orb still in the game, it appears the player base isn’t too happy with his current state.

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