Overwatch 2 players pick surprising hero as the “least controversial” in the game

Jessica Filby
Overwatch 2 heros

Overwatch 2 fans have been voting on the “least controversial hero” in the game and settled on a surprising choice.

Overwatch 2 isn’t immune from its fair share of controversy, from community complaints regarding $20 skins being made free, overpowered heroes, unstable servers, and the controversial announcement regarding the game’s PvE mode. So, it’s not often we see the focus being placed on those heroes that seem to have avoided all that controversy.

So, when a fan asked the community who the “least controversial hero” is in Overwatch 2, a pretty interesting discussion was had, with fans choosing a rather surprising hero.

Overwatch 2 fans’ “least controversial hero” is a surprising choice

Posting onto Reddit, user GeneralUri10 asked the Overwatch community, “who is the least controversial hero” going on to explain they’re looking for the character that “when you see it, you don’t go ah…I hate [insert game mechanic here] or ah man i hate [insert hero fan base here]”

The poster gave their chosen hero, stating “Honestly? I think Soldier might be the least controversial hero” highlighting how they can’t think of a moment where many have complained about the Damage hero.

Many fans agreed with the poster, with some explaining how “he is the most neutral DPS right now. If he kills you, it’s probably your fault.”

Another commented on the hero’s balance, stating “Yeah, Soldier is generally a pretty balanced hero. His ult is strong but can be easily avoided, and his kit is generally solid but not that broken.”

While many agreed with Soldier, others proposed that the least controversial hero was in fact Reinhardt, with one providing their reasoning: “I honestly think rein as a character no one complains about him, they complain for him. Cause he’s just the tank. He does his job, good ones can change games but it doesn’t frustrate you to lose to good Reinhardt cause I mean it’s Reinhardt.”

Another player highlighted their frustrations for other characters explaining how they “constantly complain about the characters in this game… but Reinhardts and Winstons? I have never once complained about them.”

Winston was interestingly the most commented and upvoted character, meaning most of the community regard him as the least controversial hero. Tons of comments highlighted his name, but one sums up the way players feel about this fantastic character, “100% Winston, when I die or lose to a Winston I just think man that guy is pretty good. Honest hero with nothing cheesy about it.”