Overwatch 2 players demand Sojourn nerfs as DPS hero dominates meta

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Sojourn is dominating Overwatch 2 with her ability to one-shot many of the game’s heroes and players are calling on Blizzard to nerf her abilities.

Overwatch 2 introduced three new heroes at launch for each of the game’s roles in the form of Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko, but only one has been proving to be a problem.

The Canadian DPS hero Sojourn uses a railgun that charges up a powerful secondary fire that can deal significant damage the more energy it has, maxing out at 130 damage.

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With its ability to headshot for 260 damage and her Overclock ultimate that grants her 9 seconds of full charge that pierces through enemies, she’s a major threat on the battlefield… just look at this clip from Dafran and see for yourself.

As such, some players have had enough and want Blizzard to take action by hitting the hero with some balance changes.

Overwatch 2 players call for Sojourn to be nerfed

From Overwatch League pros to Twitch streamers and ranked grinders, it seems like everyone has a bone to pick with Sojourn.

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Houston Outlaws player Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon took to Twitter to suggest some changes be made so Sojourn can no longer headshot with her railgun.

“She’ll need compensatory buffs elsewhere, and I think leaving the ability to headshot during Overclock would be fine, but no movement penalty 1 shots are too strong in high level play,” he recommended.

San Franciso Shock Assistant Coach Cas ‘Casores’ Andel chimed in, saying that the “best way to tune her down would be to lower her charge rate and make charge decay faster,” adding that her railgun uptime was also too high.

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Twitch streamer Stevo took issue with the hero being too much like Widowmaker with her one-shot potential and complained that her kit was just too packed for one hero.

On Reddit, users even took issue with her hitbox. One commented, “If you compare her to other DPS hitboxes, especially with comparable heroes like the hitscans and Hanzo, her hitbox reigns supreme by far.”

“Her hitbox while strafing chaotically sideways is such BS, and when she has DPS passive up she just became meth-addicting Lucio with ability to one-shot,” another joked.

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Unfortunately, in leaked patch notes intended for the Overwatch League playoffs, there wasn’t any mention of Sojourn nerfs.

It’s not yet clear if Blizzard has anything planned to combat the frustration players are feeling going against her, but for now, Sojourn remains an S-tier hero.

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