Overwatch 2 players demand ‘leavers’ queue’ for serial game quitters

Symmetra is a defensive specialist in Overwatch 2.Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players are demanding a penalty system that queues serial quitters with each other for matches.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment has come under fire for its elimination of the PvE Hero Mode and talent trees. In response, some players have boycotted the game for failing to deliver what they initially promised.

Now, Overwatch 2 users seem underwhelmed with the content plan for Season 5. However, developers have teased that Season 6 could be the game’s biggest season yet with a Story Mode and another new hero.

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Overwatch 2 players’ disappointment doesn’t stop with Blizzard. Serial game quitters have caused users to demand a special queue just for those who constantly leave games.

Overwatch 2 players want more penalties for quitters

Reddit user Miltaire posted their unfortunate situation on the Overwatch subreddit. With the exception of one player, the OP’s entire team had left a competitive match. Miltaire claimed that instance marked the third game in a row where their teammates had quit.

wrecking ball smiling in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

In the comment section, fellow Overwatch 2 players proposed the idea of a ‘leavers’ queue’ for tho who constantly leave matches.

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“I actually like the idea of a ‘leaver’s queue,’ MetalMusic Only wrote. “The only way you get to leave is by winning games with a certain amount of activity in the match to avoid afking.”

“I just want leavers to be notified if the team they ditched ends up turning the match around to win, so they know they were the problem,” aggrogahu remarked.

“I know the internet’s reaction is always directly to “How do we punish them,” but the better route here is for the developers to incentivize the behavior they want to see,” Muaddib562 suggested.

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MarcelVesp revealed that Dota 2 has a similar system called “low priority.”

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