Overwatch 2 players confused by “broken” voice lines that work randomly

Solider 76 from Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s community has struggled to understand the poorly explained and “seemingly random” voice lines that can easily get your teammates killed.

One of the major changes that came with the Overwatch 2 release was the update to the game’s communication wheel mechanic from the first game.

Changes to communication voice lines associated with it proved to be confusing to Overwatch 2 players, especially since they are now context-sensitive.

For example, if you select “group up” from the communications menu when aiming at the ground it will ping that spot and your character will simply say “group up”.

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But if you happen to be aiming near a dead teammate as Mercy while you select “group up”, she will say “I’m going to resurrect them, cover me!”. This can lead to some rather confusing moments — an area that Overwatch 2 players often find frustrating.

Wreckingball from Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players confused by random voice lines

Many Overwatch 2 enjoyers were not aware of the context-sensitive nature of the new communication lines, thus assuming they did not make sense or played some “random” voice line.

“I tried this with Soldier and he goes ‘come to me for healing!’,” wrote one Reddit user when describing his first time with using the “group up” voice lines.

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“I can see the intent behind giving us more communication options, but blizzard NEVER communicated this clearly to anyone,” stated another user in the thread, explaining his frustration.

Blizzard clearly meant to add more depth to the system and allow players who might not want to use a microphone better options to express themselves and their intent.

But ironically, the exact opposite happened, bringing more confusion and chaos into the game. Eventually conditioning a big chunk of players to ignore the voice lines altogether and only rely on microphone communication for tactics.

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Whether Blizzard will make any changes to the contextual ping system remains to be seen, but for now, players will have to resort to pointing straight at the ground or using the “fall back” command instead.

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