Overwatch 2 players call for Halo-style change to Battle Pass

overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players hit out at the game’s Battle Pass, demanding some changes be made to rewards ahead of the game’s official release.

Overwatch 2’s release is fast approaching, with die-hard fans anxiously awaiting Blizzard Entertainment’s sequel hero shooter.

The game switches up tons of gameplay and cosmetic systems in Overwatch and introduces a Battle Pass for the first time ever.

While players have been sifting through the content of the Battle Pass, some are worried that Mythic skins aren’t getting proper treatment.

Genji Mythic skinBlizzard
Genji is the first hero to receive a Mythic-tier skin in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 players worried about Battle Pass format

User Elixo posted to the Overwatch subreddit their worry about how Blizzard handles Battle Pass Mythic skins.

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They said, “Battlepass Mythics, should they be unobtainable forever if you missed out on their season Battle Pass period like Noire Widowmaker and Blizzcon skins or not? A good example is that in Fortnite it’s impossible to ever get the Iron Man skin since it was the last reward of the Marvel Battle Pass.”

The new Mythic skins will only be obtainable throughout the lifespan of the Battle pass. After that, players who missed out cannot obtain the skin.

OW2 fans in the comment section agreed changes should be made to the Battle Pass.

One said, “Pretty much the only thing Halo Infinite did well was it allowed the purchase of Battlepasses permanently, just one at a time may be ‘worked on’. That should become the norm if the industry decides to persevere with Battlepasses”

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Halo Infinite doesn’t get a ton of love from FPS fans, but according to some Overwatch faithful, Blizz’s shooter could learn something from it.