Overwatch 2 player discovers Doomfist block cannot stop damage in new patch

Jeremy Gan

An Overwatch 2 player has discovered that Doomfist’s block cannot stop damage from certain attacks in the latest mid-season patch. 

When Doomfist was transitioned into the Tank role in the switch to Overwatch 2, he was given a new ability, Power Block. This was to make the character more in-line with the Tank role, giving him a defensive ability instead of his old Uppercut. 

However, it seems the block may not be the best blocking ability around, as it is stated explicitly that it is not immune to crowd control, and nor does it completely block damage. Only reduces the amount taken.

And with the latest mid-season patch, Doomfist’s block has worsened, as now he can take damage from a plethora of non-crowd control abilities. 

GetQuakedOn, a self-described Doomfirst specialist and a streamer, listed out the long list of abilities which Doomfist can take damage from while blocking in his testing. 

Some of them are crowd control abilities, such as Rammatra’s Vortex, Orisa Javelin Spin, and Sombra’s EMP. But he usually takes reduced damage from it. 

However, there are quite a lot of abilities that should be blocked, but are not. From the long list, abilities like JunkerQueen’s melee, Ana’s primary fire, Moira’s primary fire, Echo’s beam, Zarya’s primary fire, and more deal damage to Doomfist while he is blocking. 

Doomfist block ability completely broken in Overwatch 2

However, because many of these abilities aren’t blocked, it means an essential mechanic for Doomfist has been completely broken. 

The bug breaks one of the most essential mechanics for Doom, Punch reseting

When blocking with Doom, if you mitigate at least 100 or more damage, the cooldown for your Rocket Punch is immediately reset. However, with this bug, it means you cannot reset it with your block because you aren’t mitigating any damage.

On May 12, game director for Overwatch Aaron Keller, announced a hotfix was being rolled out like which will fix this issue.

He even further revealed that Ramattra’s block suffered the same issues with Doomfist’s blocks.