More Junkrat nerfs could be coming says Overwatch 2 Hero Designer

overwatch 2 junkrat nerfActivision Blizzard

Another nerf could be in store for Junkrat in Overwatch 2 based on a Reddit comment from Blizzard Entertainment’s Lead Hero Designer.

Junkrat experienced quite a bit of change between Overwatch and its sequel. The character received a redesign for one, along with a buff to his Steel Trap ability.

In the months since Overwatch 2’s release, the demolitionist and several other heroes have undergone nerfs, too. For example, a recent Junkrat nerf reduced the damage output on his concussion mines.

While this particular change certainly improved things, some Overwatch 2 fans argue the character is in need of further balancing. And it seems some developers agree.

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A new Junkrat nerf could be coming to Overwatch 2

While fielding fan questions in a Reddit AMA about Season 3 Hero balancing, Lead Hero Designer Alex Dawson addressed complaints regarding Junkrat.

In response to one Redditor who asked about potential balancing changes, Dawson said the team is looking into giving Junkrat’s grenade a smaller hitbox under certain conditions. The designer stated the following in part:

“One change we’d like to make but it will take some additional tech is: Junkrat’s grenades have a smaller hitbox after bouncing off a wall. We believe that type of change would alleviate a lot of the pain points when facing Junkrat and still keep his gameplay rewarding.”

junkrat nerf overwatch 2Activision Blizzard
Junkrat in Junkertown

The Overwatch 2 lead couldn’t offer a release window for the possible Junkrat nerf, as the effort requires input from multiple teams.

If and when the Junkrat-specific change does finally hit the sequel, it could go a long way in improving the experience for those who struggle when matched against him on the battlefield.

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On top of the previously mentioned mine nerf, other recent Junkrat updates include the addition of a Hong Hai Er skin in the Season 3 Battle Pass.