Overwatch 2 fan proposes how PvE talents could be repurposed for PvP

Kurt Perry
Doomfist charging up Rocket Punch ability as seen in Overwatch 2 trailer.

With Talent Trees scrapped for Overwatch 2’s upcoming PvE content, a fan of the hero shooter has proposed an interesting idea to see the new talents and abilities repurposed for PvP.

On May 16, Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that several of its ambitious plans for PvE had been canceled.

Most notable of all was Hero Missions, a highly replayable game mode based around expansive talent trees that is no longer in development. The promising mode was cut over fears the final product would not meet player expectations.

With years of development invested in Hero Missions, there’s bound to be a lot of work potentially done for nothing, but a passionate Overwatch 2 fan thinks they’ve found the solution.

Overwatch 2 fan wants Doomfist PvE talents in PvP

An Overwatch 2 fan has taken to Reddit to unveil their ambitious proposal on how PvE talents could be repurposed for PvP.

The post focusing on Doomfist reads: “Role-Classes & Talent Trees for Doomfist – Some of the canceled PvE features now could be overhauled and implemented into PvP in order to create more hero flexibility & new layers of gameplay (UX/UI Concept).”

This was followed by a series of images showcasing the possibility for talents to be unlockable with Talent Points to then feature in multiplayer modes like Quick Play and Competitive.

In Doomfist’s case, these would change his play style between Brawler, Protector, and Striker. This implementation of Talent Trees could add an extra component to counterplay and Overwatch’s signature counter-picking gameplay loop.

Although fans were impressed by the proposal, most responses questioned how viable it was given the potential balancing issues.

One such reply stated: “Paladins does this and while it’s certainly a fun concept it’s impossible to balance without literally forcing people to not use whatever perks/skills are meta.”

Another skeptical user replied: “For an arcade mode sure, but for Quick Play and Comp hell no. One of the foundations of Overwatch balance is seeing a hero and knowing exactly what they can do.”

Some fans did see the appeal though of a MOBA-inspired game mode: “MOBA-watch could be a cool concept for an arcade mode. Hero locks and upgradable talents as the game progresses.”

Even though Hero Missions have been canceled the content developed for it could still make an appearance in some form, as hinted at by lead dev Aaron Keller.

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