Overwatch 2 devs say Hero talents meant for PvE could return in a “different form”

Michael Gwilliam
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The Overwatch 2 team says that scrapped PvE Hero talents could still come to the game later on, but with a new twist.

The Overwatch community was devastated on May 16 when the devs announced that the long-awaited PvE portion of the game would be altered significantly from what was promised back in 2019.

Although a story campaign is still coming out in Season 6, certain hyped concepts such as hero missions and unlockable ability talents were removed due to how complex their development would be.

As such, players won’t be able to create giant snowballs as Mei or spawn numerous Torbjorn turrets when the campaign launches, but Game Director Aaron Keller has teased other plans for the cut content.

Overwatch 2 devs hint at return of scrapped PvE Hero talents

Speaking with GameSpot, Keller was asked about Hero talents specific to PvE and potentially repurposing them in PvP or future story campaigns.

“We would love to see more of that in the game, and while that was an integral part of our Hero Missions, we’re no longer doing those, so those won’t come to the game that way,” Keller explained. “So we would like to bring those back in the future. It’s just going to take a different form than being a part of a new co-op game experience.”

It seems like some designs could very well be coming back to Overwatch at some point, but it’s unclear on how they will be implemented. However, Keller seemed more sure that some hero missions that had been designed could come later in some capacity.

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Blizzard has scrapped some big PvE features.

“We’ve talked a lot and have a lot of plans about the different ways that we can bring some of the other content forward, whether it’s talents for Heroes or even some of the missions that we started developing for that release, but it’s all going to be coming out seasonally and in a different form and with a different purpose than what we had before. So we would like to repurpose some of it,” he added.

It’s not clear when we will see some scrapped content make its way back to the game, but at least not everything will be going to waste. In Season 6, Overwatch 2’s largest season to date, players will finally get a taste of the new PvE experience, even if it’s not what was originally promised.

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