Overwatch 2 devs reveal the reason for experimenting in Quick Play

Michelle Cornelia
sombra in overwatch 2 using ability

Overwatch 2 devs have shared why Quick Play was replaced with Quick Play: Hacked as opposed to running the mode in Experimental.

A few weeks ago, devs introduced Overwatch 2 players to Quick Play: Hacked or Quicker Play — essentially a limited-time mode where everything becomes faster, from respawn time, capture point, payload progress, and many others. 

But there’s a catch. As opposed to releasing it in a separate game mode, Quicker Play replaced the original Quick Play mode instead.

Following this, it didn’t take too long for the majority of players to erupt as they were unable to play Quick Play how they would regularly. 

A screenshot featuring Tracer in Overwatch 2.

Some players even went as far as slamming it as a “joke,” given how frustrating playing with the drastic changes felt.

The decision to replace Quick Play with this mode has, of course, caused devs to get asked the inevitable question of why they didn’t run it in the Experimental mode.

Earlier in a blog post, devs mentioned that they wanted to test new ideas to see which changes players enjoy the most. However, in the latest update, they’ve elaborated on the reason for experimenting in Quick Play.

A screenshot featuring Ashe in Overwatch 2.

They explained: “The truth is that the Experimental card was never popular enough for us to get the type of data we wanted from it. Only about 18% of our players joined this queue, and out of those, the overwhelming majority would only play 1 match before going back to their preferred modes.”

Devs also mentioned that they wanted to get “longer-term data and feedback” outside of Experimental, given that it’s hard to “make an assessment of a game-wide change in just one match.” 

Rest assured, regarding Quicker Play, devs said they are aware of players’ feedback and plan to change the way the mode will be run in future events.

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