Overwatch 2 player accidentally discovers “new game mode” thanks to lag

Michelle Cornelia
roadhog rework in overwatch 2

One Overwatch 2 player has experienced a lag so bad to the point their game shifted into a “new game mode.” Other players seeing this phenomenon couldn’t help but poke fun.

Aside from toxic teammates, one of the arguably most frustrating things that can happen to a player in Overwatch 2 is lagging in the middle of a team fight. 

Having this happen in the game can feel extremely stressful, especially in a competitive match where one’s rank is at stake. While it’s something that nobody would want to experience, sometimes, having a bad internet connection can be inevitable. 

In many cases, characters will usually appear like they’re floating on the screen while stuck in a certain animation.

However, one player has managed to experience a lag so bad that the game completely shifted into a “third-person shooter” from their POV. This phenomenon was recorded by the player and shared with others in a Reddit thread.

As opposed to the normal first-person view, viewers were able to see the player’s character, Roadhog, jumping back and forth in third-person. It certainly didn’t take too long for their discovery to garner the attention of other players, leading them to share their thoughts and crack jokes regarding this clip. 

One person even went as far as writing, “Bro is playing overwatch 3.” Meanwhile, another user poked fun at the OP’s internet connection by claiming that it’s made from “two cans connected by a string to the servers.”

roadhog nerfed in ow2

“Bro discovered a new game mode,” another user chimed in. Additionally, some players in the comments claimed they would love third person to be an actual arcade mode.

Connection and ping issues can happen to anyone, but for OP, it seems to be one of the most extreme cases given what happened to their game.

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