Overwatch 2 devs reveal competitive SR tier updates coming in Season 4

overwatch 2 tier changesBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 devs have revealed some big changes coming to SR tiers that will make climbing the ranks a lot easier in competitive play.

Since its launch, there have been major criticisms of Overwatch 2’s matchmaking and ranked play. In addition to Gold players ending up in GM lobbies, the revamped tier system completely removed SR.

As the developers continue to make changes to the matchmaker, they’re also actively upgrading the tier system to give players a lot more info about how close they are to ranking up.

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During a recent live stream, devs Scott Mercer and Morgan Maddren discussed changes coming in Season 4 that will let players know exactly how close they are to reaching their next ranked milestone.

Tier changes confirmed for Overwatch 2 Season 4

According to Mercer, the team wants to make things more clear to players about where they are on the SR tier and will be revealing their record before reaching the five wins required for a ranked update.

overwatch 2 matchmaker issuesBlizzard Entertainment
Ranked changes are coming to Overwatch 2.

“At the point where you actually get that rank update after those five wins, we will be showing you where you are within that particular division,” he said.

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These changes should make it much easier to tell when you’re on the verge of falling down a tier or ranking up, but the devs also have something special planned for the upper echelon of players.

For high GM players, the game will be displaying how close they are to reaching the Top 500 in the form of a percentage.

The devs also promised more clarity regarding match outcomes, individual play, and additional information about rank updates will be coming soon.

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Season 4 is expected to arrive in April. In addition to the aforementioned ranked upgrades, the new season will also feature a brand-new support hero with “really exciting ways of interacting with your own team.”

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