Overwatch 2 devs address “bad taste” Support a Streamer promo with new Brigitte Medic skin

Overwatch 2 Brigitte Medic skinBlizzard

Overwatch 2 developers have responded to the latest wave of criticism, this time stemming from a new Brigitte Medic skin, after fans lashed out at the method in which it’s unlocked.

As the very first limited-time cosmetic available for Overwatch 2, the newly announced Brigitte Medic skin certainly captured everyone’s attention ahead of the second Beta period.

While details are still being ironed out on how to acquire new cosmetics in the sequel, this exclusive item is available through a unique promotion with Twitch.

Rather than simply watching streams for a set number of hours as usual, this skin is instead unlocked by gifting three subscriptions on select channels.

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Although the promotion includes a wide range of more than 150 Twitch streamers, not everyone is a fan of the new promo. Some players have criticized the list of select personalities while others have lashed out at where their funds are going. Addressing it all head-on, Blizzard has quickly responded to explain the logic behind it all.

Overwatch Support a Streamer Brigitte skinBlizzard
The new Brigitte skin is only available to those that gift three Twitch subs to certain streamers.

“I’m more disappointed that I have to gift subs to streamers who are already famous enough to make loads [of] money,” one player chimed in on the game’s forums.

Featured among the eligible streamers are the likes of Twitch juggernauts in xQc and Asmongold, a number of non-Overwatch streamers like DisguisedToast and Crayator, mixed in with a range of professional players and dedicated community members.

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“This list of streamers seriously leaves a bad taste,” another player said on Reddit. “If you’re going to do this kind of event, at least support the creators who actually need it instead of big name streamers, many of who aren’t even in our community or are terrible influences.”

Responding to the callout, Community Manager Andy Belford stressed that players “are far overestimating what all but the most successful of streamers actually earn.”

Moreover, for those wanting the skin but not wanting to give money to some of the bigger personalities, “many smaller, long-time Overwatch streamers would be overjoyed to have your support,” he continued.

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Blizzard forumsBlizzard
Overwatch Community Manager Andy Belford revealed this could be just the first of many similar Twitch promotions to come in Overwatch 2.

“I feel as though we have a good mix of familiar faces and new folks who will bring plenty of new eyes to both the game and community.”

Serving as a test run for something we could see plenty more of down the line, this first-of-its-kind Twitch promotion was admittedly “limited” in its scope. However, Belford and the Overwatch team are hopeful to “build and expand availability” in future, should this first attempt be successful.