Overwatch 2 community debates whether DPS Moiras are “garbage players”

Cassidy Stephenson
Moira uses ult

The Overwatch 2 community is divided about whether players who use Moira as a DPS character are “garbage.”

Moira is a solid Support choice who can both effectively heal teammates and damage opponents. Sometimes, people decide to use Moira as a pure DPS character instead of focusing on healing their allies.

The decision to abandon health restoration has become controversial, with some saying Moira should be a balance of support and damage. However, several reworks have significantly changed Moira’s kit since Overwatch 2 launched.

Despite a few adjustments, some Overwatch players are divided on whether Moira should act as a DPS or a healer.

Overwatch 2 players debate DPS Moira’s efficiency

Moira in Overwatch 2

A Reddit user disclosed their DPS Moira hot take on the Overwatch 2 subreddit. “If the Moira on your team is only doing dps and not healing, they are a garbage player,” the post author wrote. “A good Moira player will have a balanced SUPPORT playstyle where they pump out heals and help the team get elims.”

The Overwatch 2 player claimed Moira should be played with an “aggressive support” style, but she is “very squishy and will die from getting farted on.”

“I think of Moira as a “raw power” character, they don’t have utility, nor cc, nothing like that,” one user said. “They just do a lot of damage and a lot of healing, which is fine. It’s a fun design, but sometimes it lacks in higher ranks due to the lack of utility.”

“Moira is nasty when played well,” another player remarked. “Supplemental healing and ability to put pressure with her DPS? Working as intended.”

Recently, the Overwatch 2 devs scrapped a Moira rework but decided to use it for a future Support hero. Check out our article to learn the reasoning behind their decision.

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