Overwatch 2 team tease new “vision” support hero with scrapped Moira rework abilities

Moira using ultimate in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 devs are already hinting at future support heroes and may be using a scrapped Moira rework for their kit.

More support heroes are on their way to Overwatch 2 with the devs promising to release more healers than DPS and tanks to beef up the selection available to players.

While fans can expect to see a mix of new and existing characters in the Overwatch lore become heroes, it turns out that some of their abilities could at one point have been tested for another use.

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During an interview with KarQ and Eva Langwin, Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson was asked about an upcoming Moira rework and teased that some of what they tried would be better on another character.

Overwatch 2 Moira Twitch drop Legenday SkinBlizzard
The OW2 devs have been trying to rework Moira.

Overwatch 2 devs hint at new hero abilities

According to Dawson, the devs have tested a few abilities for Moira including one that players got to try in the April Fools patch where the Irish support could stop her Orbs manually.

“We think that’s probably better on perhaps other heroes, actually defining that space a bit more,” he said, adding that the devs didn’t love that ability on Moira.

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Another thing the devs tested was Damage Orb revealing enemies that it touched, but the team reached a conscious pretty early that this might not be the best tool for Moira.

“We felt as a group maybe that’s just a future hero that players into it. It doesn’t necessarily match Moira’s flavor as much and maybe this is something where there’s a support hero all about vision and things like that,” Dawson added.

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The dev further noted that while nothing wasn’t in development yet, they would like that concept to focus on that particular hero’s identity.

A hero all about vision is definitely an interesting concept and something that has been explored a bit before with Widowmaker’s ultimate, Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow, and Sombra’s passive, but it seems they want to take things a step further.

We’ll have to see what the future holds, but players certainly have quite a bit to look forward to as the devs continue to add more and more heroes to the game in the years ahead.

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