New York City Mayor & NYXL mocked for “cringe” Overwatch League tweet

eric adams overwatch leagueOverwatch League, Eric Adams

New York City mayor Eric Adams was mocked after becoming an honorary member of NY Excelsior and sending a bizarre announcement tweet.

The Overwatch League has finally shifted over to the new Overwatch 2, starting things off with the Overwatch League 2022 Kickoff Clash which is well under way.

To celebrate the re-emergence of the esports league the New York Excelsior announced that new New York City Mayor Eric Adams was an honorary member of the club.

The announcement then drew in heavy criticism on social media from both New York City residents as well as confused Overwatch League fans.

NYC Mayor roasted over “cringe” Overwatch League tweet

On May 16, the NY Excelsior shared that the club was “thrilled” to bring on the mayor in their mission to “make NYC the gaming capital of the world.”

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Adams himself then tweeted from his own account about the announcement and said, “I couldn’t mash the send button fast enough — I may not be a gaming expert, but at least I’m not garbage like Hanzo!”

The tweet was read by social media users as strange, and one Twitter user labeled it “cringe.”

A New Yorker in the replies of the tweet roasted Adams and said, “As a New Yorker, BOOO!”

Seeing as Adams has no connections to Overwatch previously it’s possible the tweet was written by a staffer who has knowledge of the FPS.

Either way, OWL fans saw the bizarre crossover as a strange way to promote the esports league.

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