How to unlock new Overwatch League Reaper Luchador skin

. 2 months ago
Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League has revealed a brand new skin for Reaper that turns the DPS into a high-flying luchador. Here’s how to unlock it for yourself.

To celebrate the Kickoff Clash tournament at the start of OWL Season 5, Blizzard has released an awesome new Luchador skin for Reaper.

There was some speculation that the skin would be for Reinhardt, thanks to the “top rope” clue. But, it turns out the DPS is the lucky hero this time around.

Here’s how to unlock Luchador Reaper, while you still can.

How to unlock Luchador Reaper in Overwatch

The Luchador legendary skin will be available in Overwatch from May 17 to June 25. Like other League-exclusive skins, it will only be able to be unlocked for 200 OWL Tokens, so hopefully you’ve been saving up!

If you haven’t, the good news is you still have plenty of time to tune into Overwatch League streams and earn Tokens with your linked account.

You might not be able to earn a full 200 in the time the skin will be available, but if you’re fairly close you should have no problem closing the gap by tuning into matches.

Blizzard Entertainment
Luchador Reaper turns the DPS into a high-flying Lucha Libre wrestler.

Luchador Reaper is available the same day that Volume 2 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix started as well, offering even more skins for players to unlock.

Like all OWL exclusive skins too, once Luchador Reaper is gone, there won’t be another chance to get it. So if you want it, be sure to grab him before June 25, as you won’t have another chance after that.

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