New Overwatch competitive mode idea with only 4 heroes splits opinion

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Competitive Mode
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While Overwatch’s esports scene is a staple of the game’s identity, players have continually been asking for a better competitive experience in-game. Former OWL pro turned caster Jacob ‘JAKE’ Lyon has devised a new game mode.

The professional Overwatch scene has been defined by insane plays, game altering meta shifts and show stopping action. If you’ve played a competitive game in Overwatch though, you’re likely not going to get the same experience.

Recent changes have introduced the Priority Pass into Quick Play, encouraging players to flex out with their given roles, but no amendments have been made to the competitive game mode since 2018.

Well, former OWL DPS player turned caster and analyst extraordinaire JAKE has put forward a cool idea that would change the game mode, but fans are divided about it.

Blizzard Entertainment
Would JAKE’s fix change the state of competitive play for the better?

JAKE’s Overwatch competitive changes

In a duo of tweets from the self professed Overwatch expert, he outlines a potential new format for the popular game mode.

He posted: “Overwatch needs a ‘Real Competitive Competitive’ Playlist where only like top 4 winrate heroes in each role are unlocked.”

His proposal would make the game much harder, but also open up a truly competitive game mode for those who really want a challenge.

He goes on to clarify this, noting: “On second thought winrate is not a good sorting metric. Just let a pro player (or me) curate the bans to reflect the strategies at the highest level.”

This would give players the true OWL experience, giving them a taste of what it means to play at the highest level. Some fans were loving the idea, but others not so much.

JAKE divides fans

While some fans were absolutely loving the idea of a more challenging system being added to the game, others found the idea completely unrealistic.

One fan argued for the idea, noting that it could be interesting “at lower ELOs.”

A second fan also noted that “this is a fire idea.”

A lot of fans, though, echoed the sentiment of this commenter. Claiming that this “would only really have an effect on DPS,” they “personally don’t like this idea.”

A final user went on a full frontal attack, exclaiming “God no, more restrictions on this game would be ridiculous.”

While Overwatch does need some adjustments when it comes to challenging its players, JAKE’s solution has proved too much for some. Perhaps implementing this a separate game mode would allow players who fancy a more pro style experience to try it out, whilst letting others continue with the current system.

Will changes be made? Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves watching OWL pros instead of imitating them.