Insane Overwatch combo shows how Reinhardt can earn “sharpshooter” POTG

Published: 7/Jan/2021 0:24

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to score the special versions of the iconic “play of the game” screen will be shocked to learn that it’s possible to earn “sharpshooter” as Reinhardt.

There are many different POTG variants ranging from Lifesaver, where a player prevents a teammate from dying, to Shutdown, where the highlight is a hero interrupting an opponent’s ultimate.

However, one of the flashiest highlights is the “sharpshooter” POTG, where headshots, distance and more are taken into consideration.

Normally, sharpshooter highlights go to sniper heroes such as Hanzo or Widowmaker, but one player discovered that it’s possible to secure the illusive POTG as Reinhardt.

Reinhardt on Eichenwalde
Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt’s Firestrike can one-shot most of the cast through Amp Matrix.

The only projectile tool in the tank’s arsenal is his Firestike ability, which deals 100 damage to anyone it hits. It also can’t headshot, so Reinhardt by himself can’t deal double damage with the ability.

It also has the unique trait of being able to travel through multiple opponents, which is what makes this trick possible to begin with.

In combination with Baptiste’s massive Amplification Matrix ultimate, Reinhart can manage to do 200 damage by sending his Firestrike though it – enough to eliminate most of the game’s roster in a single shot.

Sharpshooter as Reinhardt? from Overwatch

‘FelipeAvila’ used this to their advantage and posted a clip to Reddit showing how the combination resulted in the sharpshooter POTG.

While defending on Temple of Anubis and time running out in the round, the Reinhardt player backed up sent the flaming projectile through his support’s Matrix and far off into the choke where the enemy team was grouping.

In just mere seconds, they had secured a quintuple kill, eliminating five members of the enemy team, who were at full HP – and a weakened Hammond who needed some healing.

Main tank powerhouse Reinhardt is back in rotation this week after a Hero Pool cycle on the sideline.
Blizzard Entertainment
With the right tools, Reinhardt can score kills from far away.

And as you can see by the very beginning of the highlight intro, the POTG was classified as “sharpshooter,” proving the tank can snipe with the likes of Hanzo and Ashe.

Next time you’re playing Reinhardt and have a Baptiste on your team, try to coordinate this combination to score plenty of frags – and potentially even a special POTG.

Call of Duty

MrDalekJD shares his biggest wish for Warzone after BOCW Season 1

Published: 16/Jan/2021 6:30

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


MrDalekJD has opened up on his biggest wishes for Call of Duty: Warzone in the future on the CharlieIntel podcast, including more storytelling and a new map.

Jon ‘MrDalekJD’ Hutchinson is a beloved figure in the Call of Duty scene. Even though his content revolves around Zombies, he’s played the game for many years now, and the community values his opinions.

So, when asked on the CharlieIntel podcast what he’d like to see happen from Warzone in the future, people were listening. Spoiler alert, it’s in line with what most other players hope to see too.

MrDalekJD Gaming YouTuber
Instagram: MrDalekJD
MrDalekJD is known for his videos on Call of Duty: Zombies.

“The thing with Warzone is they [got] pretty good, well it seemed at the time, really good at telling an underlying story that was being slowly unraveled every season,” he said. “It was all to do with the rockets and Bunker 11 and Bunker 10 and all that. It was amazing.”

“I think if they just continue with that, that’s enough to keep me happy,” he added. “But I do think we are due for a new map. I love Verdansk to pieces. It’s a fantastic map. Massive props to Infinity Ward and Raven on that because it’s incredible.”

“But I think it is time for Treyarch to step in and bring in a new Cold War-themed Warzone map,” he said. It’s something that most players want and expect, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

MrDalekJD isn’t alone in his views, especially when it comes to wanting a new map. Verdansk has been fantastic, but it’s become a little stale to veteran players, and the show must go on.

Black Ops Cold War has already been out for several months now. So, a new Warzone map can’t be too far away. However, there still has been no official word on when we can expect it.

Until then, all we can do is sit back, relax, and twiddle our thumbs while we wait.