New Overwatch 2 Mercy healing combo lets heroes live through enemy ultimates

Michael Gwilliam
mercy healing in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy’s new buff in Overwatch 2 finally gives the angelic support some must-needed burst healing and it turns out that when paired with an Ana, heroes can even tank enemy ultimates.

The Season 3 Overwatch 2 patch implemented a ton of changes across the board from ultimate charge rates to damage adjustments, but Mercy’s updates have proven to be quite divisive.

Although the changes made her mobility weaker, her healing has been buffed considerably when a teammate is under half health with Mercy healing for an additional 50%.

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As it turns out, these buffs are even more ridiculous when the hero is paired with an Ana, as her Biotic Grenade further increases the healing received by yet another 50%. The end result is Mercy being able to keep allies alive through ultimates.

Dafran stunned by Mercy-Ana healing combo

During a recent Overwatch 2 stream, Danish Twitch streamer Dafran was playing on Rialto as Ashe and was trying to stop the enemy team from capturing the first objective.

With a pocket Mercy and Ana in a small corridor, Dafran took a duel against a Soldier 76 player who activated their Tactical Visor and began taking aim at the streamer.

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Despite Dafran being sure that he was about to be eliminated, a Biotic Grenade from Ana enhanced his Mercy’s healing output, allowing the support to restore over 100 HP per second.

“Oh my God! What?” he gasped before eventually dying to a Helix Rocket. “How do I live through that?!”

This combo can certainly be effective in your ranked games and should be able to save a group of allies if Mercy also pops her Valkyrie ultimate in the heat of battle.

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Although big burst damage can still counter this combo, if you can keep track of what abilities have been used, Mercy and Ana players can seriously negate a bunch of damage DPS heroes are dishing out.

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