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Major Overwatch problem is ruining game chat

Published: 9/Jun/2020 12:28

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch console players have been struck with a new problem that is stopping them from communicating with teammates in game chat, although some have found a temporary workaround. 

The majority of Overwatch can be found on PC, but there is still a sizable player base on console that is dedicated to playing the Blizzard title. Obviously, there are plenty of differences between PC and Console, but the game still remains the same. 

However, console players have been running into a few issues that aren’t affecting PC players – with the biggest coming in the form of a lack of game chat, as well as servers that struggle to find games consistently. 


Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch still has a sizable playerbase on console.

The game chat problem was pointed out by Reddit user gatewayfromme44, who claimed that it has been two months since they have been able to use game chat in Overwatch on Xbox. “It is not on the known issues, even though it has been known for 2 months,” they said.

According to the Redditor, if your headset gets unplugged or your controller loses battery, you cannot reconnect to game chat until you’ve finished a game and then hard reset your console. Even then, it might stop working for a few games after that as gatewayfromme44 noted they’ve had problems with competitive. 


Please read this (Console is being ignored) from Overwatch

PlayStation owners noted that is is also a major issue for themselves, but it has been going on for more than two months. “It’s been a problem for me on PlayStation for almost a year now, added Aesreth.

Other console players chimed in and noted that they’ve had “crippling lag” in matches recently, continually getting disconnected from matches and receiving bans from competitive play because of it.

As of writing, Blizzard hasn’t responded to the issues even though there have been posts made to the developer’s own forum about it.

Console players will be hoping that both issues get rectified sooner rather than later so that they can get back to playing Overwatch as it was intended to be played.