Jeff Kaplan reveals Roadhog updates are coming to Overwatch

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that Roadhog is next in line for balance changes.

Overwatch has recently seen some extensive balance updates to bring all heroes in line with the current state of the game, which has changed dramatically in recent months with the additions of Brigitte and Wrecking Ball.

Some heroes have also undergone extensive reworks, with Symmetra and Torbjörn, whose rework is now on the PTR, the most prominent examples.

A suite of balance changes to Support heroes also recently hit, and the latest PTR patch also addresses balance for a variety of other heroes.

One class that has so far received slightly less attention so far is the tanks, but for Roadhog at least that’s changing soon. When asked on the Blizzard forums about upcoming tank changes, Jeff Kaplan revealed that Roadhog changes are in the works, but weren’t quite ready for the most recent PTR build.

“Yes, Roadhog changes were intended for this round of PTR but required animation so they’ve been delayed a bit. He’s not getting a “rework”… just some tuning/balancing. Will take a bit more time then the recent PTR changes that went up, however.”

Though Kaplan states that Roadhog isn’t getting a full “rework”, the fact that animations are necessary suggest something more significant than the standard balance adjustments to cooldowns or damage numbers.

The response came in a post that asked why Blizzard “hate tank players”, claiming that tanking was becoming increasingly less fun as other heroes were buffed. Kaplan responded that the claim was “hyperbolic”, and asked that feedback focus on what players actually do or don’t like about different aspects of the game.