“Jarring” Overwatch 2 gameplay change makes matches end abruptly and players are not happy

Overwatch 2 kiriko with genji and hanzoBlizzard Entertainment

A hidden Overwatch 2 change to how overtime functions has some players demanding that Blizzard revert it back to how it was in OW1.

There are many gameplay changes in Overwatch 2, the biggest of which being the removal of one rank making games now consist of 5v5 matches. However, there are some other minor updates that have been overlooked.

One such change occurs in King of the Hill matches and how overtime functions. Previously, if a team had 99% of a point captured but lost control, when they retook possession, overtime would be triggered.

However, in Overwatch 2, if a team retakes control of the point, they’ll automatically reach 100% and the game will end. This has many frustrated as it seems to be leading to some losses that wouldn’t have happened in the first game.

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Overwatch 2 hidden overtime change is confusing players

A lot of players first found out about the change while watching Twitch streamer Seagull compete despite the servers being bombarded by a DDoS attack.

The streamer was baffled by the outcome of the round, expecting overtime to be triggered and said the change “didn’t feel that good.”

Some players thought it was a bug, but according to content creator and Overwatch meme sensation Bad Pachimari, the change was intentional.

“We were told it was intended change on creator preview – and it was previously a bug,” he revealed.

This in turn enraged former Overwatch League star Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi who demanded they revert it, because the change “f**king sucks.”

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On Reddit, other users expressed similar concerns despite even liking the change to an extent.

“I prefer the new rule to play but it loses some of the drama of the extended fight when watching OWL,” one commented.

“I don’t know if this is an inherently bad change, but it feels really jarring,” said another.

“Definitely lost a couple of games to this already and it felt terrible. I’d prefer if they just reverted it,” someone else chimed in.

Blizzard has already made some big changes after player feedback, such as no longer requiring all accounts have a registered phone number, so it will be interesting to see if they end up undoing this revamped overtime mechanic too.

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