Insane Overwatch Wrecking Ball tech makes point contesting impossible

Theo Salaun

Overwatch players have discovered yet another dominant Wrecking Ball trick, and this one simply denies opponents any chance at capturing the point in the most troll way imaginable.

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]

A hamster in a metal ball with a grappling hook. Hammond, officially known as Wrecking Ball, is one of Overwatch’s weirder heroes and, as such, is blessed with some of the game’s craftiest potential. Even after Blizzard bothered his mains by adjusting the grappling hook’s consistency, the game’s fanbase continues to discover devious ways to capitalize on Hammond’s niche abilities.

While every Wrecking Ball seems to love latching onto somewhere on the point and spinning continuously in a wide arc that is both hard to hit and a nifty way to contest, that tetherball movement isn’t inimitable. 

But a Redditor by the name of ‘ano-nimuss’ has discovered a new tech on the control map, Oasis: University, that allows Hammond to defiantly deny opponents any opportunity to gain access to the point with a much quicker, tighter spin. 

On Oasis: University, each team has a main choke entryway, two adjacent angles they can take from the side, and an underground entry path to the point. Once on the point, there is a wide circular pit to the basement.

The fastest way to the point is the main choke, since all other paths take more time and are more easily defended by well-positioned attackers. But, considering ano-nimuss’s clip, it appears that the main choke is very easily defended by a Hammond.

overwatch oasis university
A bird’s eye view of Oasis: University, where all points of entry are visible.

With a grappling hook thrown into the pit and against one of the subterranean walls, Wrecking Ball is able to swing into a frenzied defense, narrowly blocking off the entire main choke from eager attackers. In the clip, even narrow hitboxes like an Ana or a transcending Zenyatta are unable to squeeze past Hammond’s boops despite multiple attempts to do so.

As demonstrated, this tech makes it nigh impossible for enemies to access University’s point through its typically most accessible entryway. In overtime, that can easily prove the difference between a win and a loss.

Interestingly, this trick holds merit for other potential Wrecking Ball shenanigans. If players can abuse a unique surface to gain a threatening advantage on Oasis, then there is massive potential that similar angles for tighter spins are available on other maps.