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Insane Overwatch “Mythic Boss Fight” prepares players for Overwatch 2

Published: 16/Sep/2020 17:31

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to hone their teamwork skills in preparation for Overwatch 2’s campaign and PVE missions should look no further. An incredible new boss battle mode has been made possible with the updated Workshop.

In the mode, created by Workshop guru Seita, five players control the likes of Reinhardt, Junkrat, Baptiste, Soldier 76 and Ashe against a giant-sized enemy Reinhardt with mountains of health.

It’s not just the enemy tank that players will need to watch out for, however. Hanzo’s Dragon Strike Ultimate will randomly spawn in the map, certain areas will death traps with Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, Minefields will appear, and even waves of Genjis will attack in unison.


As players continue to damage the boss, getting him down to 40% health, Sigma rocks will begin to rain down from the sky. This has to be one of the craziest parts of the mode and really ups the tension.

Once the boss reaches 15%, all of the aforementioned hazards are in full effect and you’re going to have to act quick to deal the final blow.

There are also certain “buffs” that the Baptiste player can activate to help give your team a better fighting chance. They include casting Mei’s Blizzard, Lucio’s Sound Barrier, a movement speed increase and healing your team to max health.


The whole mode is a difficult, yet rewarding experience that will really put teamwork to the test.

In fact, even Toronto Defiant pros had trouble with the mode on Normal difficulty. It just goes to show that it will take some serious skills to tackle this one. If you want to try it for yourself, the Workshop code is “CDAYS.”

Unfortunately, this seems to be the closest thing we’ll get to Overwatch 2 outside of special events until the sequel finally launches. Hopefully, once it does, it’s as epic as Seita’s boss fight.