Insane Overwatch 2 trick makes Wrecking Ball nearly ‘unkillable’ in ranked

wrecking ball holds up mech in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Since Overwatch 2’s release, Wrecking Ball has been struggling to find his place in the meta, but a new exploit can make the tank hero completely busted on the Competitive ladder.

Wrecking Ball hasn’t really been tearing up the ranked environment in Overwatch 2. While Roadhog, D.Va, Orisa, and Winston have had their time to shine, the same cannot be said for the hamster.

Despite his issues in 5v5 and not getting as much value or playtime as some other tanks, it seems like luck may finally be on the side of ball mains thanks to a bug that super buffs his HP.

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While this trick is technically an exploit, it’s so easy to pull off that you may already have done so in your ranked games without even realizing it.

Overwatch 2 trick buffs Wrecking Ball’s HP to the moon

During a recent Twitch broadcast, streamer Flats showed off the trick to Seagull, who was left completely stunned by the Hamster’s hidden buff.

“This is actually kinda busted,” Flats explained. “If you roll in, hit E, let go and hold immediately, then roll away and keep it held.”

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Hammond is able to gain extra shields depending on the amount of enemies in the area, but thanks to this new exploit, Hammond can get all his shields back a second time even if there are no foes nearby.

By keeping the ability button pressed, once the cool-down finishes, Wrecking Ball can get back all of his 1,100 HP again, making him extra tanky.

“That is super busted,” Seagull gasped. “That helps explain why some Hammonds never die on ladder.”

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Although the ability only works once and doesn’t stack, in a situation where you need to stall an objective, getting so much HP back can make the hero super strong, something the tank streamer believes is a “massive bug.”

It’s not clear when Blizzard plans to fix this exploit, the devs have been quick to patch the game recently after a pair of bugs affected both Kiriko and Junker Queen.

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