Incredible details of Bastion transformation revealed by Overwatch replays

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch replays feature has enabled players to get a closer look at the incredible details in the animations for Bastion’s transformations.

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The new Overwatch Replays system allows players to watch back their recent games with a full set of observer tools.

One of those tools is the ability to speed up or slow down the game’s playback, and u/Owlero used that feature to take a much closer look at some of the more complicated animations in the game – Bastion’s transformations between different modes.

Obviously, being able to ignore physics does mean that the transformation can happen quickly and seamlessly, along with the ability to subtly rearrange and resize parts so that more can fit into a particular space than would realistically be possible.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard paid incredible attention to detail for Bastion’s animations.

That being said, Blizzard have clearly gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that the animation holds up to a close inspection, despite the fact that most of the time in-game it occurs so quickly that taking short-cuts with animation would be easy to get away with.

Being able to view the transformation in slow motion reveals just how much thought and detail Blizzard put into the animation. You can follow as his hand and submachine gun fold inwards, how his “knees” drop forward to act as supports and his “shoulders” expand and move to become the front armor plating.

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Bastion’s head is even distinctly visible at the end of the transformation above the barrel of his turret, having been dipped inwards and then rotated along with the top half of his body as the turret moves to the front.

Bastion’s “Configuration: Tank” transformation for his ultimate ability takes more advantage of the lack of physical restrictions that animation affords, however, with the treads blossoming as if from nowhere.

via Gfycat

This isn’t the only example of the game’s animations featuring incredible details that go largely unnoticed. Ashe’s weapon animation, for instance, features a movement of her grip that lines up with exactly when the weapon’s precision accuracy resets.

While such details may not be often noticed and don’t affect the game’s functionality, they do add up to giving Overwatch a greater feel of quality and care.