Genius Overwatch trick lets players use enemy Torbjorn’s Molten Core to their advantage

Michael Gwilliam
Torbjorn uses ow ultimateBlizzard Entertainment

Torbjorn’s Molten Core ultimate can be incredibly useful to deny space and damage opponents, but a clever Overwatch trick shows that it’s possible for teams to use the ability for their own gain.

Ever since his big rework, Torbjorn has gone from being a niche pick to one of the best heroes in Overwatch. With his turret providing extra damage and higher survivability thanks to Overload, Torb is a force on the battlefield.

Part of his rework included his ultimate, which sees the hero shoot liquid hot magma out of his gun and onto the floor where it does damage to any enemy who steps in it.

While Torb’s Molten Core is a serious threat, if it’s not used wisely, teams can take advantage and even turn the ultimate into a benefit for them.

As showcased in the first weekend of the Overwatch League Summer Showdown qualifiers, when the LA Gladiators took on the Paris Eternal, LA managed to capture the first point of Eichenwalde quick, but had to fend off a last ditch Molten Core by Onigod.

Because the fight was already over and Onigod planned to switch heroes, he unleashed Molten Core in a side room, but it effectively did nothing. Sensing this was a mistake, the Gladiators tanks started purposefully stepping in it to take damage.

As a result, Shu on the Ana was able to go from having 33% ultimate charge to 85% just because his tanks took damage on purpose.

Blizzard Entertainment
Support players can benefit from Torbjorn wasting Molten Core.

This is something Torb players should definitely be aware of, because gifting your opponents’ free ultimate charge can be extremely costly, so be careful not to waste Molten Core on lost team fights.

By the same token, it’s something for tanks and support players to take note of for their own games, especially when support ultimates can be the difference between losing and winning matches in Overwatch.