Fan favorite Overwatch 2 meme has finally been added to the game

Jeremy Gan
Winton plushie over Gibraltar Overwatch 2

A fan-favorite Overwatch 2 meme, Winton, has finally been added to the game after years of memes and inside jokes. 

When Blizzard released a seemingly innocent plushie of Winston in their merch store in 2016, little did they know they would be spawning one of the most beloved memes in the community. 

It’s hard to know when Winton truly came about, but the running joke properly embedded itself into the heart of mine, and many in the community, when Overwatch 2 launched in 2022 thanks to a plethora of accompanying memes. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Overwatch lover who doesn’t mispronounce the scientist gorilla on purpose to acknowledge the meme. But finally, after years of inside jokes, our beloved derpy version of Winston has been officially added to the game.

In a Season 10 Battle Pass showcase by Overwatch YouTuber Hoshizora, many keen-eyed viewers immediately noticed the inclusion of our beloved Winton. 

As the reward for reaching Tier 12 of the Premium Battle Pass, players can get a Winton of their very own in-game as a souvenir. Additionally, considering it’s a souvenir, you can use Winton as an emote on any hero you’d like. 

Considering Winton originally came out in 2016, the original plushie can be quite hard to find these days as the Overwatch merch store has long-stopped sales of the plushie. 

So if you’ve missed your chance to get a real-life Winton, at least you can get an in-game one to hold you over. 

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