Donald Trump and Joe Biden flame each other in hilarious Overwatch 2 AI video

joe biden and donald trump feud in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Donald Trump and Joe Biden played Overwatch with each other, you must watch this new AI video.

AI is all the rage nowadays with numerous platforms offering ways to generate robust poems, art, and even voices. As you can expect, US Presidents can make for quite humorous results.

When content creator Voretecks put together a video showing what an Overwatch 2 match with Donald Trump and rival Joe Biden would be like, the internet absolutely loved it.

In a few days, the viral video has amassed well over 1.5 million views and keeps growing with fans of the game losing it over how well it captures the mannerisms of the two controversial political figures.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden rage in Overwatch 2

Firstly, the idea of Trump and Biden playing Overwatch is already ridiculous enough as is, but when you factor in the two competing in a high-SR ranked game, the insanity goes through the roof.

Just check out some of this incredible dialogue and how well it would fit into a professional presidential debate.

“Oh GG, we lost. This is my rank-up game too!” the faux Trump said after queuing into Dorado.

“You’re not even out of spawn doors and this guy is already complaining!” the 80-year-old president shot back. “You f**king instalocked Zen again and you’re going to feed again!”

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“I was having a real good day today. Went golfing, hit a few holes-in-one, tried to solo-queue some Overwatch to end the day and I see f**king Bidenator in my lobby just to ruin my day!”

Truly riveting stuff and the fact it sounds just like the two makes the video so much funnier. Plus, with Voretecks planning to make a sequel with an Obama cameo, we can’t wait to see what he ends up cooking up next.