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Detailed Overwatch concept shows what a “Story Mode” could look like in-game

Published: 16/Jan/2019 13:10 Updated: 16/Jan/2019 17:53

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created a detailed concept for a “Story Mode” in Overwatch.

Though Overwatch remains an exclusively player-versus-player game, the compelling world and characters Blizzard have created for it have left many fans wishing for a classic “campaign” through which to delve deeper into the game’s lore.

So far, the only “Story Mode” elements that have been added to Overwatch have come from the “Archives” in-game event. Titled “Uprising” in its first year, the event was rebranded to “Overwatch Archives” for year two, marking it as a recurring event that will offer story-focused content.

The initial Uprising event included a PvE brawl of the same name in which players participated in Tracer’s very first Overwatch mission, helping to put down an Omnic uprising in London. In 2018, the “Retribution” mission was added, which saw Blackwatch – the secret black ops division of Overwatch – travel to Rialto to seek out the Talon boss responsible for a devastating attack on an Overwatch base.

Each iteration of the event proved immensely popular, both for their PvE content and for exploring the story of Overwatch, much of which remains shrouded in mystery.

Blizzard Entertainment“Retribution” showed a significant step in Gabriel Reyes’ path to becoming Reaper.

Unfortunately, as with all event content, the Anniversary missions are only available while the event is active, limiting them to just a few weeks a year.

With both Overwatch lore and PvE fans clamoring for more of this type of content, the addition of a “Story Mode” is a much-requested feature. Overwatch fan and graphic designer u/JessMR has put together a detailed concept for what such a mode could look like in-game.

The concept adds “Archives” as a permanent fixture alongside the game’s other modes, and breaks the campaign into three separate “eras” – the Omnic Crisis, which originally sparked the creation of Overwatch, the “Golden Age” in which the organization was hailed for saving the world, and “The Fall”, the period ultimately leading to Overwatch being disbanded.

Within each, u/JessMR envisions a series of missions, each featuring a particular set of heroes, through which players could progress.


Unfortunately for fans of the idea, adding a “Story Mode” is of course a major undertaking for Blizzard, and so far they’ve announced no plans to do so. It seems for now, at least, that the Archives event will be the only source for such content.

Assuming a similar event schedule to last year, Overwatch Archives will return in April 2019, presumably bringing with it a new PvE mission for players to tackle and a fresh injection of lore.


Overwatch player shows that the Blizzard World roller coaster is deadly

Published: 3/Dec/2020 11:26

by Lauren Bergin


Thanks to a player hopping over the pond to the Blizzard World rollercoaster, Overwatch fans can finally get an insight into how the ride works. 

Blizzard World has become one of Overwatch’s most iconic maps. Featuring a whole host of little Easter Eggs such as the Heroes of the Storm Arcade, Diablo themed castle and Hearthstone Tavern, there’s one thing that fans have always wanted to take a look at: the roller coaster.

Decked out in the Hoarde themed banners featured in World of Warcraft, the roller coaster forms the perfect background to the Blizzard World battleground. When you’re not busy destroying the competition as Doomfist, it’s fun to take a moment to consider what a real-life Blizzard theme park would look like.

Well, as shown by one Reddit user, the roller coaster maybe isn’t something you’d want to take a spin on.

Overwatch Blizzard World Heroes Arcade
Blizzard Entertainment
The Heroes Arcade is just one of many Blizzard references.

How to get to the Blizzard World roller coaster

One user on Reddit decided that while exploring as Pharah, they would jump jet all the way across the lake to take a closer look at the mysterious WoW themed carnival ride.

User MrIconicPlus posted a video showing himself sitting on one of the castle parapets across from the Hearthstone Tavern. From here, they use Pharah’s jump jet to weave around obstacles to reach the roller coaster.

Providing us with a bird’s eye view, MrIconicPlus’ video sees the roller-coaster plunge into the ground and take incredibly sharp corners at high speeds, things that would most likely leave riders in a tricky spot.

This is how the roller coaster functions in Blizzard World from r/Overwatch

The comments are full of fans reacting to Blizzard’s slightly lackluster animations.

One user wrote a warning to the park management to fix their ride otherwise they ‘might get shut down for this’.


Another fan claimed that the roller coaster ‘needs a nerf’, because it’ll likely be one-shotting park goers left, right and center.


Finally, one player reminisced over their time creating virtual theme parks in the iconic Roller Coaster Tycoon, where often park attendees would fall out of roller coasters that were designed to go too fast or too high.


So while the Blizzard World roller coaster may look like a fun ride for thrill-seekers, it may not be the best idea to give it a whirl if the park is ever built in real life. It’s certainly a fun one for fans of Warcraft to look at, but riding it may bring you a little bit too close to becoming Forsaken and joining the Hoarde.