Overwatch League mocks OW2 players for still wanting Pink Mercy skin to return

Overwatch League Pink MercyBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League has poked fun at players who still ask for the dev team to release the Pink Mercy skin, with a recent social media post calling these community members out.

Pink Mercy was a special limited-time skin that players could only acquire through a $15 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The skin was only available from May 8-21 of 2018, and players have been unable to get their hands on it since, despite it being one of the most popular ever designed.

Despite having only been available for this short period of time, Overwatch players still continue to hold out hope that the OW2 dev team will bring it back once again.

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Back in 2022, Overwatch decided to bring back fan-favorite skins with a twist through the Anniversary Remix events. During this time, fans hoped there was a chance Pink Mercy would return. Sadly, their hopes were quickly shut down.

“We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons,” Community Manager Andy B replied in a thread. This didn’t thrill players who missed out on the skin years prior, prompting discussions on Reddit where Overwatch fans voiced their frustration.

In a brand new tweet from the official Overwatch League account, the organization has now poked fun at players who are still holding out hope for the Pink Mercy skin. The tweet includes the following comments.

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Overwatch League calls out players for still wanting Pink Mercy skin

“Overwatch League: 10/10, that is our name. OWL:  69/10; what most people call us. “WHERE TOKENS”: 0/10, not our name; please see @MattMrX about !drops. “BRING BACK PINK MERCY”: -100/10, also not our name; can we interest you in a @Hangzhou_Spark or @FLMayhem skin instead?.”

This tweet is in reference to what the account often finds the comments section of their tweets filled with despite the League having no actual input into what the dev team decides to include or exclude from the game. This is shown by the way and which the post also includes tags for various accounts and items.

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However, fans have amusingly not gotten in on the joke by spamming this new post with comments about both Tokens and the Pink Mercy skin all the same.

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