Overwatch Contenders fans get creative after the League's official Twitter account goes quiet - Dexerto

Overwatch Contenders fans get creative after the League’s official Twitter account goes quiet

Published: 20/Nov/2018 21:14 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 21:24

by Bill Cooney


After the official Twitter account for the Overwatch Contenders league failed to tweet during the opening weekend of Contenders Season 3, one fan took it upon themselves to make an account to provide updates on the action.

The official @owpathtopro Twitter account has since tweeted about a few Contender’s matches this week, but it was silent over the weekend as the first matches of Season 3 happened.

That led some Contender’s fans to create a community-run Twitter account to provide updates on matches that has already gained a few thousand followers in just a few days.

A post about the official Contenders account going silent got a response from Bill Warnecke, a lead software engineer at Blizzard who said they would be looking into the matter.


That didn’t stop fans from supporting the new account though, which posts game updates and highlights at a rate comparable to the official Overwatch League account during the season.

Blizzard has come under fire recently from fans for what they say is a lack of support for competitions at a lower level than the Overwatch League.

We don’t know yet whether or not this will move Blizzard into being more active with Contenders on social media, but it does say something about the fans appetite for that kind of engagement.