Brutal Overwatch glitch lets Tracer recall into the payload

Michael Gwilliam
Tracer from Overwatch on Eichenewalde

[jwplayer p9g5um21]The Overwatch payload can be one of the most dynamic objects in the game for both attackers and defenders. It provides cover, heals up the attacking team, and as it turns out, can be used as a mobile home for Tracer players.

During a match on Eichenwalde, console player ‘schwol’ was zipping around trying to get the payload to point B so his team could enter the castle.

After his Zarya confronted the respawning adversaries, the player blinked ahead and came face-to-face with an enemy Reinhardt, Mercy, Hanzo and McCree.

Sensing the situation was dire, the Tracer was forced to use Recall to get out of the predicament, but found himself in an even worse position, seemingly trapped in the payload.

Tracer blinks in Overwatch
Tracer’s kit is loaded with movement abilities.

As you can see in the clip, which was posted to Reddit, the player managed to recall so that their body was stuck in the payload creating a bizarre sight for both the Tracer and enemy forces.

What makes this even stranger is that the Tracer was visible for the enemy with part of the body sticking out, making her vulnerable to attacks.

The culprit of his glitch is probably the fact that the character’s last position possible to recall to was now the spot where the payload had reached.

Due to the fact schwol’s body was sticking out, the defenders were able to eliminate the DPS attacker, but not before they had some fun and staggered the 150 HP hero.

When asked of he was able to blink out of that precarious position, schwol replied that he couldn’t “recall” – a cute play on words, but unfortunately also a lack of critical information.

Nonetheless, it’s something that Tracer players should be wary of whenever they push the payload on escort or hybrid maps.