Sneaky Overwatch trick helps Bastion flank with added stealth

bastion overwatchActivision Blizzard

Bastion is one of the toughest heroes in Overwatch to flank with due to his lack of mobility in turret mode and loud setup animation. But, this simple voiceline tech may be just what you need to sneak into enemy backlines.

Of Overwatch’s 32 playable heroes, Bastion stands out for his unique playstyle and unreal DPS potential.

One thing players constantly run into when playing this character, however, is difficulty in finding the right angles to attack from, and getting the chance to deal his insane damage.

But, with one simple and easy-to-use trick, Bastion can better sneak into enemy backlines and get into his turret mode much quieter.

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Overwatch Bastion voiceline tech

At the 3:50 mark in the video linked above, popular Overwatch content creator KarQ outlines a trick he has found that allows him to use one of Bastion’s voicelines to mask the sound it makes when setting up its mech.

KarQ points out that there are two voicelines, “BWEEEEEEEEE” or “ZWEE?” that will hide the turret conversion noise. It will still make a small noise, however, it is much quieter and the sound is over faster than the alternative.

This is just one of the 32 obscure tips KarQ goes through in this video as he goes one by one through each hero in the Overwatch roster. The tech for Ashe’s BOB is a particularly interesting one.

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While this is an interesting thing to note for Bastion players, they should also keep in mind that the hero will be undergoing some serious changes for Overwatch 2. We’ve already gotten a glimpse of those changes in the pro exhibition match that happened recently, so be sure to check that out to see what the future of the lovable robot will look like!