Brigitte’s voice actor responds to harassment from the Overwatch community

Virginia Glaze

Matilda Smedius, the voice of Overwatch hero Brigitte, has given a decisive response to mass criticism toward her for the character’s role in the game’s meta.

Smedius addressed the issue in a tweet on February 22, where she uploaded a screenshot of an angry fan’s message.

“Just letting you know that Brigitte destroyed Overwatch and the meta,” the message read.

“I know I shouldn’t spend any time on people like this… but it just makes me so confused as to why someone would send me this kind of message,” Smedius said of the comment.

She went on to suggest that those angry at the game direct their comments toward Overwatch’s developers, rather than spew hate towards her for merely voicing the character.

“Like, FINE, if you feel like one character destroyed a whole game – you have the right to think so,”she continued. “But maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor.”

Smedius’s Tweet has since been met with sympathy from players across the community, with some commenters noting that voice actors have little to no involvement in a game’s development.

Commenters were quick to note that voice actors rarely have any say in a game’s overall development.

Although she is a relatively new character, Brigitte has been at the forefront of dissatisfaction from the Overwatch playerbase. 

Her prominent role in the GOATS meta, as well as her ability to thwart most dives with her flail and stun – all the while being a decent frontline pick – has made Brigette the center of many players’ frustrations.

Blizzard EntertainmentSince Brigitte’s release, the character has been met with a swath of complaints, due to her 50 points of armor and aggressive kit.

While some fans have even begun a “DeleteBrig” campaign in response to the character, Blizzard’s January update gave a major nerf to the game’s armor mechanic, overall – proving that devs are taking player concerns into consideration.