Blizzard DDoS attack affects Overwatch, WoW Classic and more

Bill Cooney

Blizzard has confirmed that a DDoS attack is behind the connectivity issues being experienced by WoW Classic and Overwatch players on September 7.

Connectivity issues are nothing new for Blizzard fans, but it’s usually only one game affected at a time. On September 7 WoW Classic players began reporting server issues early in the day.

WoW Classic players have reported that they’re getting booted from servers, when they’re even able to connect. Some servers seemed to be working, but only for a limited time before the issues started up again.

When will WoW Classic be back online?

It’s not known at this time if every WoW Classic server has been affected or not, but there have been multiple reports that the issues seem to be taken care of at the time of writing.

Dexerto has tested several servers and they all seem to be working normally as well, we will update the story if this changes.

What about Overwatch?

Overwatch players have also reported connection issues that have resulted in them being kicked from matches and unable to reconnect.

Blizzard acknowledged the issue on the official Overwatch forums, which seem to be connected to the DDoS attack mentioned by Blizzard Customer Support on Twitter.

Are the Overwatch issues fixed?

At the time of writing, the Overwatch issues also appear to be fixed, according to a post from Blizzard Customer Service on Twitter. Dexerto has also tested Overwatch and wasn’t able to find any issues with connections at the time of the test.

Though they don’t mention Overwatch specifically, it does seem like most of the connection issues have been resolved and Blizzard said they are monitoring the situation.

It’s currently unknown if other Blizzard games such as StarCraft 2 or Heroes of the Storm were hit as well, but there aren’t any reports of them being affected that Dexerto can find.

Even though the issues are being reported as fixed, Overwatch players might want to be safe about queueing up in Competitive until Blizzard says definitively that the issue has been taken care of. 

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