Baptiste might be one of Overwatch’s most durable heroes - Dexerto

Baptiste might be one of Overwatch’s most durable heroes

Published: 27/Feb/2019 0:52 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 8:32

by Bill Cooney


Baptiste hit the Overwatch PTR on Tuesday, February 26, and some players have already taken the hero to some ridiculous places using his abilities.

The newest support hero in Overwatch, Baptiste comes with several abilities that can keep his teammates, and himself, alive.

One of the most powerful is his Immortality Field, which keeps Baptiste and any allies within the drone’s radius from dying for a short amount of time.

Enterprising Overwatch players have already taken Baptiste to some interesting places, and found that Baptiste can do things no other hero can.

This includes, playing in traffic on Numbani without dying, as demonstrated by Reddit user xeio87.


Xeio87 throws down their Immortality Field and bounce Baptiste harmlessly off of incoming cars, a tactic that would be useless in most in-game situations, but still looks pretty fun.

Playing in traffic, now safe for the entire team! from r/Overwatch

Another Reddit user named Deeakron entered a custom game with Baptiste and managed to walk around in an out of bounds area in Hanamura using the Immortality Field with no cooldown.

via Gfycat

The ability to keep himself and allies from dying is already dividing Overwatch players over the new hero, but it has provided some pretty interesting highlights already.

Baptiste went live on the PTR on Tuesday, February 26, and there’s no word yet when he’ll make it to the main game and console, but based on previous heroes, it’s probably safe to say he’ll make it by the end of March.