Apex Legends coach PVPX demonstrates perfect Pharah counter in Overwatch 2 with Junkrat

Overwatch 2 campaign mapBlizzard

Apex Legends master PVPX was one of the most talented Junkrat players in the world back in the original Overwatch and now he’s taking on OW2 and showing people how to perfectly shut down Pharah.

The Overwatch 2 launch has drawn a lot of former players back into the arena to test out how the new title stacks up to its predecessor. PVPX was one such player, and it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable again.

In a clip posted to his TikTok, the BR pro put on a clinic in cleverness, showing off exactly how easy it can be to take out Pharah with some placed shots from everyone’s favorite grenadier.

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PVPX shows off how to perfectly counter Pharah with Junkrat in Overwatch 2

The short video kicks off with PVPX already posted up outside the enemy spawn, ready to punish the unsuspecting opposing squad and keep them trapped deep inside their own territory.

As players manage to leak out, both the Junkrat master and his team manage to pick them off with some well-placed spam from his grenade launcher.

Sadly for the enemy jetpack-wielder, she gets picked off three different times in under 45 seconds as Junkrat simply takes over the entire lobby.

Of course, it takes a lot of skill to hit shots as clean as the ones in the video, but if you’ve got what it takes to land them, the strategy of popping into the air with one Concussion Mine and then using the second to toss right in Pharah’s face is a surefire way to get the job done.

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The Overwatch 2 balancing changes have pushed Junk up into the top tier of DPS characters so learning little tricks that will help you master the chaotic explosives-enthusiast could prove useful if the meta stays the same until December like Blizzard previously suggested.