Absurd Overwatch door glitch is completely ruining games for players

Michael Gwilliam
Watchpoint's doors in Overwatch

A new glitch has been making Overwatch payload rounds a living hell for some players on both attack and defense, with doors opening and closing at will.

On escort and hybrid maps, players often find themselves at a point where, after reaching a checkpoint, a door must open for the payload to pass through.

While this is standard, bizarrely, the doors are now behaving in strange ways, with gates opening for a brief moment and then closing shortly thereafter.

What makes this a huge problem is that players can be hit by abilities during this time frame – and potentially waste Ultimates.

Ashe fights Junkrat on Route 66
The door bug is creating issues on Route 66.

This very instance happened during a Route 66 match featuring Philadelphia Fusion DPS Phillip ‘ChipSa’ Graham.

Caught on stream, the Doomfist main was playing the tank role with the enemy team having captured the first checkpoint. Out of nowhere, the doors leading into the streets phase opened, leaving ChipSa and his team vulnerable to attack.

During the short instance with the doors open, the enemy Zarya fired her Graviton Surge – a very expensive Ultimate – in hopes that her team would be able to follow-up on it and frag out.

However, while ChipSa’s team was caught in the Ultimate, the doors slammed shut mere seconds later, completely preventing any sort of follow-up damage.

“What just happened?” the British player mused, baffled by what transpired.

This glitch isn’t just happening on Route 66, either; fellow streamer Holiwhirl experienced it on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, although it wasn’t nearly as crazy as ChipSa’s ultimate fiasco.

Thus far, the developers have yet to comment on the bug, but hopefully it’ll be fixed by the time a new patch rolls out.

Until then, it’s something to be careful of when you’re attacking and defending and make sure not to waste your Ultimates carelessly.