Twitch streamer permanently banned from New World MMO after milking a cow

anniefuchsia banned on New WorldInstagram/Twitch/anniefuchsia

Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia had quite the unfortunate first day trying out Amazon’s MMORPG ‘New World’ after being “permenently” banned for an extremely bizarre reason.

New World’s closed beta went live on July 20, and AnnieFuchsia was among one of the many streamers ready to get in on the action.

While the first few moments seemed to go well enough, minus a couple of connection-related hiccups, the streamer seemed to be enjoying herself.

That was until she decided to try milking a cow and for whatever reason, the game decided this was a bannable offense.

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After finishing milking the cow, a bottle of milk appeared and a screen popped up claiming that she had received a “permenant ban.” Bad spelling aside, she was absolutely bewildered by the decision.

“What?! It’s not even spelled correctly!” she exclaimed.

The pop-up didn’t provide any help determining why she had been banned either, with it simply stating: “Reason: [You have been banned.]”

AnnieFuchsia banned from New WorldTwitch/AnnieFuchsia
The New World ban caught AnnieFuchsia off guard.

AnnieFuchsia was under the impression that milking cows wasn’t allowed, but luckily, fellow Twitch streamer Asmongold heard about her ban and called her to provide some assistance.

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“My chat was telling me that you got banned. I talked to someone from New World. They’re watching the stream and they said it was an accident,” he revealed. “They’re looking into it.”

“Oh, so it’s okay to milk cows?!” the confused Annie asked.

“Unfortunately,” Asmongold jokingly replied.

“What do you mean, unfortunately? That’s a great thing. It means we can drink milk,” AnnieFuchsia was quick to retort.

While the issue ended up actually being server-related, the fact that the “ban” occurred after she milked a cow was udderly ridiculous. Not to mention that the weird spelling seemed like a callback to video games of yesteryear such as the infamous “you’re winner” in Big Rigs.

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Because the game is still in Closed Beta, it’s very likely the spelling and absurd bans get resolved, but it was quite the weird first impression of Amazon’s MMO, to say the least.

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